LED & TV Mirrors

Unparalleled HD picture quality and natural LED lighting

LED & TV Mirrors
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LED Mirrors

LED Mirrors provide a modern sophisticated addition to any bathroom or bedroom. The LED lights provide enhanced illumination and provide an elegant glowing light to the room. GlassTek’s LED Mirrors will give you a one of a kind design where form meets function. You’ll feel like you have your very own private retreat that is elegant and customized to your personal style.


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Available Features

We have over 30 in-house LED Mirror options available and over 1,000 customization options. These include options for a built-in touch sensor, LED digital clock, Bluetooth sound system, infrared detection, anti-fogging feature, mp3 player, TV and a magnification LED lit ring.

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sk130067  100x60cm

Easy Touch Use

The LED Mirrors come standard with touch sensitive switch to light up easily and quickly.

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Double Vanity Mirror Sink w. TV in middle

TV Mirrors

A TV in the size of your choice is incorporated behind a specialized mirror, providing extraordinary visual effects. When the TV is off, it appears as a designer mirror until the TV is turned on. When the TV is on the viewing is clear and bright. With the Mirror TV you can have decorative and functional in one elegant package. Mirror TVs can also use our interactive touch screen system on both Windows and Android systems. 

GlassTek Inc. can even provide you with a waterproof Mirror TV for a bathroom applications. This way you can catch the morning news, or check your email while preparing for the busy day ahead. 

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Border less Huge Glass Mirror with TV in middle


The Mirror TV can be built directly into the wall for a flush mount or can be framed to match with the interior of your home. Auxiliary speakers can be added for improved acoustic ambiance.  

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Restaurant, mall or sports bar applications include TV or monitor mode. It allows for the game on TV throughout the locale including the restrooms. Third party advertising or special announcements can be played in monitor mode and viewed by the majority of the clientele. A modern, profitable and stylish addition to the venue.   

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