Interactive Touch Screens

Incorporate IR sensors to determine the position of a touch on a display and can be designed with virtually any display monitor. 

Interactive Touch Screens
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Interactive Touch Film

Utilizes a special thin film that incorporates micro wires to pinpoint the touch location. Similar to a smart phone or touch screen computer, touch technology allows the user to expand, contract, slide, rotate, and change the image. The uses are endless for advertising, promotions, games, exhibits, design, meeting rooms and engineering. Applications for this product are limited only by your imagination.


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Interactive System

Interactive glass is actually a film that covers a piece of glass and becomes your display, with options for a 10, 20 and even 40-point touch system for specialized applications. Touch frames come standard as a 6-point touch system. Either can be added to almost any glass panel utilizing a front or rear projector configuration, or added to a large monitor to make it an interactive touch monitor. 

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Touch Tables

A stunning addition to any home or entertainment venue, the touch tables technology is virtually limitless. You can enjoy interactive games at home with the family, or in the lobby while you wait for your oil change at the dealership. Browse photo albums, play music, or venture to check out new apps with this interactive touch screen table.

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Interactive Kiosks

Interactive kiosks that provide hardware integrated with software solutions, which transforms a normal floor or wall into a dynamic and interactive place. It can be used in shopping malls, retail, waiting rooms, museums, and many more places to attract clients and provide a fun and exciting experience. We have over 100 standard interactive effects to choose from with more in development including entertainment, advertising and special effects.

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Transparent LCD

Our transparent LCD screen display is an all in one solution that enables you to see a real product at the same time as any digital content on the screen. Interactive touch capabilities are also available as an option.

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Our interactive touch screen systems can be applied to any existing glass, displays and short/long throw projection systems.

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