Rectangle Mirror with LED light and Android TV; 27.5″ X 40.25″

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GlassTek Smart TV Mirror comes with LED lighting embedded in the surface of the mirror for a flush clean look. ?The Mirror’s LED lights have an surface switch switch to easily and quickly turn your LED lighting on or off. ?This mirror also comes with heating pads behind the LED ovals to prevent fogging. The Mirror is sized 27.5″ X 40.25″The TV is a 21.5″ screen with 1080p resolution and a built in Android OS.

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TV Mirror by GlassTek size 27.5″ X 40.25″. A TV is incorporated behind a specialized mirror, providing extraordinary visual effects. ?When the TV is off, it appears as a designer mirror until the TV is turned on. When the TV is on the viewing image is clear and bright. ?With the Mirror TV you can have decorative and functional in one elegant package. The Mirror TV can be built directly into the wall for a ?ush mount or can be framed to match with the interior of your home. ?We have over 30 styles of custom framing available in store. Auxiliary speakers can also be added for improved acoustic ambiance. GlassTek Inc. can even provide you with a waterproof Mirror TV for lavatory applications. This way you can catch the morning news, or check your email while preparing for the busy day ahead. Mirror TVs also come with an advanced interactive touch screen system that can be used with both Windows or Android operation systems. Restaurant, mall, or sports bar applications include TV or monitor mode. ?It allows for patrons to view the big game on TV throughout the locale including patio areas and even the restrooms. Put the Mirror TV to work for you by offering third party advertising or special announcements. ?These ads will bring you additional revenue, and be viewed by the majority of the clientele. ?A modern, profitable and stylish addition to any venue.

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 32 x 45 x 10 in