We understand you might have questions so here are some common questions we get.

Yes, our main production facility is located in Aurora Colorado.

Yes, we have an in house production and installation department as well as GlassTek trained and certified installers for all nationwide projects.

Specific times will depend on the job size, however most installations should be completed in a single day.

Yes, the film will no longer turn on below -4F or above 140F and could incur damage below -22F and above 158F.

Yes, one of our specialists will assess your glass and ensure a match

The smart film itself is not an electrical device requiring UL listing, however all of our transformers and electrical components are UL listed.

On Smart Film/Glass we offer a three year warranty for all materials and a five year warranty on labor not due to improper handling or maintenance.

On all other products Glasstek offers a one year warranty for all materials and a one year warranty on labor not due to improper handling or maintenance

Smart film blocks over 98% of UV rays regardless of the film being on or off.

Yes, you can have different controls for different windows.  You can also set timers using a smart app.

We keep thousands of mirror Tv’s, LED Mirrors, Touch Frames, Touch Film, Smart Film and Glass in stock daily with hundreds of different options to choose from. Customized pieces can take 6 to 8 weeks for production.

Smart Glass can be controlled by a simple switch, remote control or smartphone app.

No, you will not necessarily need to replace your glass depending on the application, contact a Project Development Manager to discuss your options.

Smart Glass is very simple to clean, it does not require special cleaning agents.  Simply clean with most household glass cleaners. However, ammonia based cleaners can damage smart film over time.

Smart Glass has been tested for over 1,000,000+ switches or over 10 years.

Yes, special considerations must be made but it can absolutely be used in areas around water.

Smart Glass will default to its opaque stage when the power goes out.

Absolutely, Smart Glass can be made to fit almost any sized glass.

Smart glass only takes a fraction of a second to change its opaqueness.

Very little, Smart Glass is considered a low-volt application and consumes only around 5 watts per square yard.